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Windhoek Neurosurgical Centre was established in January 2021 by Dr Michael Jario. Under the motto of “Let’s Go Further Together”, Dr Jario aims to bring a patient-centered approach to neurosurgical services in Namibia with a focus on world-class healthcare.

At the heart of Windhoek, Neurosurgical Centre is a commitment to providing safe and effective treatment options and care for all neurosurgical conditions. The practice operates with a core set of values guiding every decision and ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients. The Centre is proud to treat patients with compassion, honesty and professionalism at all times and aims to instill hope in patients and their families through their dedication and commitment to going the extra mile.

Along with treating patients, Windhoek Neurosurgical Centre recognizes the challenges and stigma associated with brain tumors and spinal cord injuries in Namibia and intends to create more awareness of these issues to benefit the wider Namibian community.

"Providing a peace of mind by improving your access to quality neurosurgery services"

Dr. Jario

Michael Jario

 Dr. Michael Jario is the founder of Windhoek Neurosurgical Centre. He treats many diseases and conditions of the brain and spine of children and adults.

He has experience in treating patients with traumatic brain injuries, hydrocephalus, brain and spine tumors, brain congenital malformations, herniated cervical and lumbar disc, spinal cord injuries, brain aneurysms, Chiari malformations, and pituitary diseases among others.

Dr. Jario’s educational history includes a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (University of Cape Town, 2008), Diploma in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation (2013), Fellowship of the College of Neurosurgeons (South Africa, 2019), Master of Medicine in Neurosurgery (University of Stellenbosch, 2020) and Neuroendovascular Enfolded Fellowship (University of Cape Town, 2020).

To maintain his expertise and keep up to date with the latest in neurosurgery, Dr. Jario belongs to professional associations which include the Namibia Medical Society,

Dr Michael Jario


Mrs. Deidre Swartz

Practice Manager

Mr. Nguvi Tjitendero

Personal Assistant